Take us With You

In addition to the web, The Meeovi apps are available across mobile, tablets, desktops, and tv screens.


Meeovi Books allows users to take their favorite novel, audiobook, and/or comic anywhere they go. Using the built in ereader, users will be able to read books bought outside of Meeovi too.

Exclusive Features include:

* Ereader
*Support for major text formats including .doc, txt, pdf, ebook, comicbook, and audiobook files
*Integrated audio player for audiobooks includes skipping, audio fine scrubbing, shuffle, audio related features
*Grayscale, numerous ebook related feautres via ereader feature


Meeovi Music combines the support of all major audio formats, numerous music related features like gapless playback, built in music charts, music player and the ability to customize your very own radio stations.

Exclusive Features include:

* Music Player
*Equalizer, audio effects, src, music related features
*Create and personalize radio stations
*Integrated Meeovi Charts


With an integrated video player, numerous video playback options such as video scrubbing, thumbnail preview, 360, 4K, and HD video support. Meeovi Theater supplies the best in house features to watch your favorite movies, videos, and tv shows across your devices.

Exclusive Features include:

* Record longer videos (movies and tv shows)
*Record Private Webcam shows
*Video Filters (specific to movies and tv shows)


Searching the web for your podcast can be an hassle but with the Meeovi Podcast app, users can watch, download, share, and upload their own podcast. With the built in search feature, users can search for podcasts across Meeovi.com

Exclusive Features include:

* Create Podcasts with video and sound recording


Combining the website into a simplistic form allows Meeovi to take its amazing digital store, games, video recording functionality, and instant uploads wherever you are.

Exclusive Features include:

* Record Videos with instant uploading
*Video Filters


PicPicGO the image marketplace is ready for primetime. With this app users can take pictures, upload them, and share them with or without a price tag with the world. Using the built in camera option and filters, users can move to make some of the most memorable images on the web.

Exclusive Features include:

* Take Pictures
*Image Filters
*Create Gifs and Memes using built in generator


  • Mobile Platforms
    • iOS
    • Android
    • Windows
    • Blackberry
    • Tizen
    • Sailfish OS
    • Fire OS (Amazon Devices)


  • Desktop Platforms
    • MacOS
    • Chrome OS
    • Windows 10 & higher
    • Linux


  • Streaming Devices
    • Smart TVs – LG, Visio, Samsung (Coming Soon)
    • Streaming Sticks (Roku, Apple TV, Fire Stick) (Coming Soon)
    • Game Consoles (Xbox, Nintendo, Playstation, Steam)(Coming Soon)

Our Statement

Our apps are design to be as flexible as possible. Unlike other “traditional” apps, we have built our apps to be able to update instantly thanks to the web

Features include:

  • Push Notifications (both mobile and desktop)
  • Deep Linking
  • One Click Sign On
  • Offline Mode
  • Responsive Design (to fit whatever screen the app is on)
  • System Integration (capable of taking over default file associations such as .mp3 for Meeovi Music
  • Auto Update