Accessibility Report for Meeovi
Date of Evaluation: March 17, 2024
Evaluator: Meeovi LLC
Introduction: Meeovi is an online platform aimed at providing digital services to users. This accessibility report aims to assess the platform's adherence to accessibility standards and guidelines, ensuring that it is usable by individuals with disabilities.
Evaluation Criteria:
1. Perceivable:
• Provide text alternatives for non-text content.
• Ensure compatibility with assistive technologies.
• Offer alternatives for time-based media.
2. Operable:
• Ensure all functionality is accessible via keyboard.
• Provide users enough time to read and use content.
• Avoid content that could cause seizures.
3. Understandable:
• Make text content readable and understandable.
• Ensure consistency in layout and navigation.
• Provide clear instructions and error messages.
4. Robust:
• Ensure compatibility with current and future user agents, including assistive technologies.
• Use valid and semantic HTML markup.
1. Perceivable:
• Text Alternatives: Meeovi provides alt text for images and videos, ensuring that users relying on screen readers can understand the content.
• Compatibility with Assistive Technologies: The platform is generally compatible with screen readers and other assistive technologies, though some issues were noted during testing.
• Time-based Media Alternatives: While Meeovi offers captioning for videos, it lacks audio descriptions for users with visual impairments, which may hinder their comprehension.
2. Operable:
• Keyboard Accessibility: Most features and functions are accessible via keyboard navigation, though there are some areas where focus order could be improved.
• Time Constraints: The platform doesn't impose time limits on user interactions, which is beneficial for users who may require more time to navigate and consume content.
• Seizure Risks: Meeovi does not contain content known to induce seizures, adhering to accessibility guidelines in this aspect.
3. Understandable:
• Readability: Text content on Meeovi is generally clear and readable, with adequate color contrast. However, there are instances where contrast could be improved.
• Consistency: The layout and navigation of the platform are generally consistent, aiding users in understanding and navigating the interface.
• Instructions and Error Messages: Clear instructions and error messages are provided throughout the platform, assisting users in understanding and recovering from errors.
4. Robust:
• Compatibility: Meeovi is designed to be compatible with various browsers and user agents. However, there are some instances where compatibility issues with certain assistive technologies were observed.
• HTML Markup: The HTML markup used on the platform is generally valid and semantic, contributing to its robustness and compatibility.
Conclusion: Overall, Meeovi demonstrates a commitment to accessibility by implementing various features and practices to ensure usability for individuals with disabilities. While there are areas for improvement, such as enhancing compatibility with assistive technologies and providing audio descriptions for time-based media, the platform generally meets accessibility standards and guidelines.
Recommendations: Based on the findings of this evaluation, the following recommendations are suggested to further improve the accessibility of Meeovi:
1. Enhance compatibility with a wider range of assistive technologies to ensure a seamless experience for all users.
2. Implement audio descriptions for videos to provide additional context for users with visual impairments.
3. Address any identified issues with keyboard navigation to ensure all functionality is accessible without the need for a mouse.
4. Continuously monitor and update the platform to maintain compliance with evolving accessibility standards and guidelines.
Disclaimer: This report is based on an evaluation conducted on 03/17/2024 and reflects the findings and recommendations as of that date. As technologies and standards evolve, ongoing efforts may be necessary to ensure continued accessibility and usability of the platform.

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