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Drive Sales

Drive sales with brand recognisition. Using our advance tools in your dashboard and across our platforms. Promote your brand with beautiful images, audio, videos to products, and more. Your brand your way.


Promote Listings

Promote your listings such as a pair of shoes, handmade candles, electronics, digital items, and lots more. You create a channel with millions of users across Meeovi and Pixanomy.


Own your Shop

With easy to remember URLs, secured passwords, payments, and browsing. Meeovi has the tools to get you started, secured, and ready to tackle the market.


Guides, Tools, Your Path

We believe that everyone has the possibility to sale, make money, excel, and push through boundaries.

Tutorial Videos and Text

We have put together the building blocks. Instead of putting together a page to tell you what it means to advertise and sell. We also have videos on the tutorial page to show you how easy it is.

Own the Journey

With millions of users, we have the suite of tools to help you navigate shoppers along their journey to find your products and we are sure with your creatism they will love what they find.

Meeovi is one of the most innovated marketplaces that combines the best of a marketplace and social network site into one beautiful and simplistic place. Here people don't just shop, they connect and spend hours with their friends and family.

A few Info

Time to stop thinking about it, here is your chance to get started. But to help here is some more info to ease your hesitation.


The data you receive from your ads can help you gain insight into what consumers are doing with your products and how they are going to your shop.

More customers

Use graphs, charts, and the power of your dashboard to see where the customers are, where they are arriving from, and how to keep them.


Reach Out

With a news feed, blogging, social media, messages. We have you set in ways to market to customers and to engage with them.

Integrate with us

Bring your apps, sites, and virtually anything onto Meeovi. We help you with developer tools to integrate your Meeovi Shop with your own platform.