How it Works

It could be a video ad or a text based ad, ads are displayed across and its apps. Just simply upload a file rather its an image, banner, video, etc  and our tools will convert it to an ad in no time.

What do you pay

You are only charged if your ad has been seen or clicked. So that way you are always in charge of how much you spend and you always know where you are spending it.

Type of Ads

Text based ads are seen across, its apps, and other online properties. Video ads are seen within videos, movies, tv shows, games, and other visual content. Video ads tend to be more revealing and users tend to click on them more.


Meeovi's reach is far and wide, reach out to the world. Why just stop here on, Meeovi's ads penetrate social media, across videos, games, music related content, and even on online radio stations.

It's True

Did you know that over 1 billion people use digital devices all around the world. Majority of them connect to the web. That is why so many are turning to online advertising as a way to bring people to them.

Online advertising has allowed numerous companies without a physical presence rise to dominance including your very own Meeovi. That is why we strongly believe in having an online presence and making sure those that are online see you at all times.

To Get started

Get started by emailing us and we will help you get your ads on Meeovi and Email us at