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Take a look of why becoming a buyer on Meeovi is awesome 

The Apps

That's right Meeovi is everywhere from mobile, tablet, desktops, TVs. When you buy from Meeovi you can be literally anywhere at anytime doing anything just by opening your app.

Be Social With It
Social Engagements

Meeovi aims to be the most socialable ecommerce platform. Complete with a newsfeed, sharing options, blog, instant messenger integration, and more. Connect with other shoppers from around the world.


We know that anything new can be a bit overwhelming. That is why we have tutorial videos, blog posts, videos, and even images to help you take control of your shopping experience.  

Make Money

Go from just being a buyer to becoming a seller. With tools that can help you start selling your own products or products you own. Check out our Sellers page.

Digital and Physical Products

Unlike our competitors in the same space. We don't just focus on one or the other. Instead we offer both digital and physical products from around the world. From independent content creators to small business owners.

Best Products

Here at Meeovi, we offer the best prices around with over a million unique products. You are bound to find one that you truly want.

Some of the Products on Meeovi

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