Welcome to Meeovi Developer Center

Meeovi is an growing platform for individuals to share their content with the world. Enhance your applications, sites, etc with Meeovi’s content.

Meeovi is built from the ground up with new simplified code to allow its website, apps, and content to expand to as many different platforms as possible

We’ve seen the competition, we have used the competition. So because of this we have watch companies, platforms, and apps grow to the point where they are now stalled. With Meeovi we have built with the future in mind.

We have built our Apis to be fast, easily integrated, and simple to understand and use. Currently our apis and developer features are in beta but are evolving fast to meet demand of our users and developers.

Meeovi has designed its features and apis to be available even while offline. Meaning even though your app or site maybe offline various features will be available online such as your music app or video app.

Meeovi is design to be simplistic. Built using the latest standards from HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap 4, Responsive and Adapitive, PHP, Javascript and Jquery, and Cordova for our Apps.

Meeovi is also a powerful social network that moves across all platforms with integration from Facebook, Google+, Linkedin, Twitter, PicPicGO, and more through various tools for logging in and out, site security, payments, sharing content, and uploading.

Regardless of your app, Meeovi has its features to be design for everyone’s interest, from videos of all types of categories, music, books, games, podcasts, and movies & Tv shows. With PicPicGO we also have you covered with images and live videos as well.