What is Meeovi?

Meeovi is a marketplace designed for small business owners and content creators. We focus on those unable to go big early on and therefor supports them through marketing, more money back on each sale, and tools to help create the best content both digital and physical.

Why should I sell on Meeovi?

Meeovi offers 75% of each sale to the seller. Unlike our competitors we don’t charge monthly or upfront costs just 25% of each sale regardless of how much the item is. We also help in advertising products both digital and physical, we offer apps available to billions of users across every mobile, tablet, and desktop OS as well as all major web browsers.

How much can i expect to earn on Meeovi?

Short answer that depends on you and how hard you sell. All sellers receive 75% of each sale they make, more than the average marketplace on the web today.

Do you have Apps?

We offer apps across many platforms and systems including web apps on all major browsers that supports Progressive Web Apps and Service Workers. IOS, Windows, Tizen, Android, Blackberry, Sailfish OS, Linux, Chrome OS, Mac OS, and Kai OS. We are also working on building out our apps to support TVs, Game Consoles, Streaming Devices, IOT devices for things like audio, navigational systems as well. All with the same shopping and seller experience.