Meeovi Games

Like most of Meeovi's content, Meeovi Games contains tons of games from small to large indie game developers.

The world is not big enough

Get ready for some incredible adventures.

The things we do best

Awesome support

Game developers especially indie ones tend to provide amazing support.

User happiness

It's a known fact, that gamers tend to like indie games more because of their often unique community.

Save the moment

When it launches in 2018, the Game app will allow Game Capture.

Total connect

With the 2018 Meeovi Game refreshed app, the app will provide, instant user to user connections via Meeovi profiles

people talk

Hold on,┬áchillax! We’re not trying to sell you on our product. Instead, here are some things we will do

Talk is big, so how about gaming your way, you can test out most of Meeovi Games via trials and trailers.
Meeovi Games has so a big community built around independent creators including indie game developers
The types of games, Meeovi Games possesses are mostly geared toward playing on the web and mobile. Never know we may surprise you.

Almost Ready

When Meeovi launched we know things would start slow, however we are up for the challenge, so please upload your games for free, for a price, and share it with the world on our platform. We will even help with promoting it on our platforms including PicPicGO, Meeovi, our apps, and social media accounts.

Recent Games