Say hello to, Mimi

Mimi, is our new powerful assistant that comes integrated into Meeovi and Pixanomy products. Just simply give her a command and let her work.

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She plays with all your devices! 

"Mimi, pre-heat the stove"
"Mimi, do I need gas?"
"Mimi, lock the doors"
"Mimi, turn down the lights"

Mimi helps with meetings and keeping life organized! Mimi integrates with your calendar and emails to help keep you on task. By making lists, checking, creating, and removing appointments, and reading your email. You focus on your work.

"Mimi, make an appointment to see the eye doctor"
"Mimi, what do I have plan for tomorrow?"
"Mimi, book a flight to Paris for December 1st to December 12th"
"Mimi, whats on the news?"


Mimi is a productive assistant too! "Mimi what is 2x2" "Mimi, whats 100 pounds in American Dollars?" "Mimi, define "Elite" "Mimi translate "Powerful" in Italian" "Mimi, how do you spell "awesome?".

Mimi is perfect with cooking, she browses the web including Meeovi Locate to provide you with recipes, she can read them aloud, play videos from Meeovi Theater, and more.

"Mimi, set timer for 15 minutes"
"Mimi, add butter to my shopping list"
"Mimi, what are some good ideas for dinner?"


What can she do?

Play Music

"Mimi, Play me my favorite song". This is done with your default audio player, Mimi opens it and then plays the song from your library that you played the most.

Opens Emails

By opening your default email client, Mimi can browse your emails and give you details about your emails. 

Shop for Me

"Mimi, Buy me Spell Reign". Connecting with Meeovi.com, Mimi searches and buys the product you mentions.

Start a Movie

Opening your default video player, Mimi can start a video by just simply saying its name. She searches for it on your device and plays it.

Read to me

"Mimi, read me Spell Awakening". Mimi starts your chosen book, poem, audiobook, text document and reads it aloud.


Mimi integrates with your calendar, email, Meeovi and Pixanomy products, your personal device, and even the web to give you the ultimate personal assistant.