Buyers Rejoice

Great products, great prices, great policies

Here at Meeovi, we honor those individuals that are working to push their passions. That is why we built a marketplace where only small business owners, hobbyists, and independent content creators can sell and even buy from one another.

All Types of Content

We offer a wide variety of content

Books, Games, Music, Videos including Movies, TV Shows, Trailers, and Web Series, Podcasts, Web Designs, Templates, Sports, Fitness, and of course all type of physical goods.

Build, Design, Sell

Once it’s ready, we provide the tools for you to sell and ship it

With your own personalized dashboards, vendors, small business owners, and content creators can easily upload, share, sell, and ship their merchandise without the added headache. 

Best Features

Every feature is very well-thought

Meeovi provides many features both big and small. This includes digital and physical content, handmade crafts, dashboard, news feed, blog, apps on every platform, A/B Testing, and more.

Meeovi Music

Independent Music is growing with all types of artists and producers making the decision to release their music their way without interference of the big labels. With Meeovi Music, now they have a place where they control it all.

Meeovi Books

Self Published authors are some of the most creative people in the world. Unchained by their everflowing creatism and no company telling them what story to write or how it should be told. Now Meeovi Books provides a place where their sales can be unchained too.

Main Benefits of Meeovi

Great Features

With a intuitive dashboard, social networking features, product sharing, news feed, and more.

More Money in your Pocket

Sellers keep 75% of each sale with no upfront, monthly, or listing fees. 

Apps everywhere

We have apps on all mobile, tablet, and desktop OSes including web apps for all other platforms.

Meeovi Theater

Dedicated personal videos, amateur & professional movies, tv shows, and web series are all found within the virtual walls of the Meeovi Theater.

Meeovi Games

Arcade games, big console games, mobile games, sports, and fitness are all found within this massive and constantly growing arcade of entertainment.


Latest News

Our blog follows our adventure as a growing marketplace. But we don’t want to be the only ones telling a story so we opened our blog to posts by users and sellers alike sharing their stories and latest news about their products.