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The Perfect Location

We are online and so are all of our content so no need to hunt down what you are looking for. Music, Games, Movies, Tv Shows, Videos, Products, Podcasts, Fitness, Sports, and Books are all on Meeovi with images found on PicPicGO.

Using content on our site

We ask that if you are planning on using content found on Meeovi that you contact the original holder of that content. Regardless of what it may be such as a song, video, movies, etc. All original content holders even if found on other sites are owners of the respective content.

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The Future

Meeovi is going places. Starting with conquering the social marketplace we have created and then we are placing our sights on new spaces. Just watch and see how this little project moves into a global phenomenon.


Our Story

Meeovi.com started out as another video hosting place for individual content. However, with the overpowering presence of similar services. It grew to include music, games, movies, tv shows, books, and podcasts and then to allow creators to add their own prices to their content. This became the social marketplace that you see in front of you.


Being Everywhere

Unlike the others, Meeovi won’t leave the smaller platforms without service or relying on the website. We have apps available across all phone, tablet, and desktop OSes.

Need help with anything or to find anything please email us at press@meeovi.com