Sellers Listen Up

People are buying all types of items today online. More than half of the shoppers in the world are going online for the first time to shop for something they can't find online.

Audio & Video Ads

Offer Discounts

Groups & Newsfeed

Live Streaming

Sell Your Way

Create shops that is design by you. With your own banners, images, information, products, links to your site, and more.

Your Control

You choose where you want your products to sell across the world. Rather its only for your local community, a specific country, city, state, or continent. You are in control.

Oh My Meeovi!!

Simple to get started, Simple Transactions, Simple Everything
Say it Again

Said once, even twice, but here is the third (or fourth) we pay 85% of each sale to you instantly. That means no waiting for your payments, they are deposited right into your paypal account.

No B.S

Like we said instant payments via Paypal. No monthly, upfront, transaction fees are apart of the deal. Just sign up, upload your product, promote, and start selling. We provide the tools to keep selling your way.

Selling 101

With a dashboard, selling guides, tools, social feed, audio and video ads, tutorials, our apps, our blog, 24/7 contact, custom shops with easy URLs. We provide everything needed to get started.

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